I’m new to Pinterest. Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, this is not truly new. I’ve dabbled with it quite a bit. My most common way to look at Pinterest is via… Continue reading

The first draft = zero.

I adore process. I first realized this while studying with world renowned watercolor artist, Carl Purcell. I remember fondly hearing him discuss the steps required to make a successful water color painting. He… Continue reading

Banksy is a blogger.

Okay. Admission time. This post is part justification. Justification that nullifies all future typos and grammar burps on this blog from this day forth. Their, that’s better. (see what I did there). From… Continue reading

Once I made a kid cry. It was awesome.

Alright, before you go calling CPS or Jack Bauer or something, let me tell you the whole story. It all started like this: A group of game developers (henceforth known as an array… Continue reading

Failure sucks

Failure sucks. I’ve been contemplating blogging again. Yes again. I’ve tried before and it always ends in disappointment. I collapse under self imposed pressure. I’ve failed before and I don’t handle it well.… Continue reading

Another character portrait to share – and another contest shout out!

Meet Vi. She’s from the future and she can kick your butt. This is a character from POSSESSION actually, but her influence is still felt in SURRENDER. Okay – just buy them both… Continue reading


Hi all. I’m so happy to spread the word about this book. Elana is one of the most genuine people I know. She’s a friend, and mentor and she laughs at my jokes. What more… Continue reading

Dionne Warwick was right – and Elana Johnson is a genius!

Well, she was a psychic after all. Sing it with me. ‘In good times, and bad times, I’ll be by your side for ever more. That’s what friends are for.” A few months ago a… Continue reading

WordPress ate my blog!

No joke. It can’t be found. I’ve tried. They’ve tried. It’s gone. I’ve always heard be careful what you put online because it will be there forever. Well, I say – prove it.… Continue reading