Welcome to the World’s Largest 24 Hour Flea Market! Pin Battle – Round 2

Why hello shopper, so wonderful to have you here. Have a look around.

But first, take a handful of these. What are they you ask? Why, it’s simple really. These little doohickeys are like flags, or flares you can send up to help you remember what you were looking for – what caught your eye – what inspired you. We’ll call them PINS. Why not? It’s a catchy word isn’t it? PINNNNS!

What’s that you say? You’re looking for chocolate donuts. Brilliant. We have heaps and loads of chocolate donuts. Your best bet is to start in the Food and Drink Pavilion, but I’m sure you’ll find some in the Wedding Hut as well in the Holiday’s and Events Bazaar. Oh, and don’t forget the Kid’s Corner. Kids love donuts as much as we do after all.

Pin Battle Round 2

Go ahead then. Look around, and I’ll be right here ready to help you check out before you leave.

Have fun.

3 seconds later…

Ooh, what’s that? Chocolate No-Bake cookies with Nutella and Pretzels. Yes please. PINNED.

Orange Chicken – What are you doing here? Sexy! Saucy! Spicy! PINNED.

Cilantro Lime Rice – ooh, remember that time in Santa Fe, the first time you ever had this stuff. YES – PINNED.

Oh wait, yes – donuts. I remember now donuts, you were after donuts. Let’s see, scroll-scroll-scroll.

Why does orange catch always your eye? Must be a Halloween thing. Wow – Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread – not donuts, but there’s always tomorrow. PINNED.

What’s this doing here? 6 calorie burning exercises that promise to make your stomach look like a Superhero’s? Well, after all the choco-donuts – we’re going to need this aren’t we. PINNED.

Hmm. An hour in the Food and Drink Pavilion and not one chocolate donut. What do you say we try The Holiday’s and Event’s Bazaar.

Woah. This is new. It feels like fall in here. Amazing! We could hang out here all day and would you look at that! 6th pin down from the top is a Hostess-mini chocolate donut with red M&M’s for noses and pretzels for horns. It’s a mini-edible Rudolf! So easy – you’re kids will love these. PINNED + Comment! You’re so kind.

Snowman Pizza- PINNED.

Holiday Polka Dot Cupcakes – PINNED

Neil Patrick Harris in a Batman costume – PINNED – hey, don’t judge!

Salted Caramel Pinwheels! DAYUM! DAYUM! DAAAAAYUMM! PINNED! And we have a winner!

What’s this? You came here for chocolate donuts? What’s up with the caramels and the NPH Batman poster?

Did I forget to tell you that you could just search for Chocolate Donuts?

Ohh, maybe next time. I get it. This wasn’t really about chocolate donuts now was it? I didn’t think so. It was about shopping. Browsing. Digging around for something new and undiscovered. And let’s face it; the hunt is more enjoyable than the kill.

And don’t worry. Those pins you left behind, they aren’t votes or reviews per se. Nobody notices them. We don’t rank things by how popular they are, or by how often people approve of them here in the World’s Largest 24 Hour Flea Market! Those pins are more like breadcrumbs left on the forest floor to help you find your way back. Besides, there’s always next time to go and grab that chocolate donut. The seller will still be here, somewhere. Don’t ask us where, we honestly have no idea, but I’d suggest starting in the Food and Wine Pavilion. If not there why don’t you try The Science and Technology WigWam or perhaps the…

Alright – enough of this. I don’t pretend to be an expert on how Pinterest works, but I’m about as close to an expert on play pattern recognition and user experience. This is just how see Pinterest being used, and to be honest – it’s a wonderful user experience. The three things that I’ve  highlighted in this little post that bother me concerning Pinterest as a marketing tool are:

  • Discoverability – How do I drive people to MY chocolate donuts – not a competitor’s product?
  • Predictability – How do I get my pins to float to the top so they are seen on the first page at a predictable rate? Pinterest shuffles the deck, if you don’t my another mix to my metaphors, providing a random experience each time. Great for the user – not so much for the retailer.
  • Shareability – if I don’t follow you, what you pin means nothing to me. So, it’s very social on a global perspective, but not very directed to your potential core market.

Sheesh – those sound like topics for next year’s Glee Project! (Aylin got screwed BTW)

So… here’s my question for you: As a user and/or someone with wares to hock, how close does this mimic your user experience?

Also, please stop by Jamie Harrington’s blog to check in our her arguments. Pin to Win, Baby!