I’m new to Pinterest. Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, this is not truly new. I’ve dabbled with it quite a bit. My most common way to look at Pinterest is via my iPad, sitting in bed with my wife while the two of us browse, clicking on things to put on hold to look later. We share an iPad, it’s quite romantic J. We don’t actually pin when we do this, just more like – look – ya know. To me Pinning seems like such a commitment. I’m not sure I’m ready to endorse anything just yet.

Anywhoo –

During Write On Con, we organizer hang out in a virtual palace of snark, crystal wizards and dolphins. It’s called the underbelly and honestly, we could raffle off the chance to join us during a live event next year. It’s a riot and the conversations in there are at times a little too honest, if that’s possible. The discussions really pick up after the live events when the group of us are breathing free – slapping each other on the backs for not breaking the internet. This year, we got into a very interesting conversation about Pinterest (which I can’t spell btw) and my eyes were wide open as I read the comments of my fellow Write On Con Organizers.

The conversation centered around two things. 1) Pinterest from a user’s perspective is simply amazing, and 2) what are Pinterest’s potential as a viable marketing solution. The underbelly discussion was fast and furious because we have both invested potential marketers in there (like Lisa and Laura Roecker and Elana Johnson) as well as people that actually work in social media as a career.

Jamie Harrington is a social media maven. She works with big name clients like Chevy, Crocs and Jovian, and she is actively marketing via Pinterest.

Nikki Katz is currently Managing Editor for SocialMoms.com and previously the Managing Editor for BlogWorld.com. She also does social media consulting and web design in the side!!

I’m a creative director at EA, working mainly in their casual and social space. Viral and social marketing is my passion and I’m enamored with the data behind the sale.

I learned so much, but honestly, I’m still not convinced that Pinterest is there yet from a driving sales point of view. The good news, Jamie has agreed to put the gloves on in public with me. We’re going to put together a couple of posts about our thoughts, concerns and hopes for Pinterest over the next little while. A blog war if you will! Or as she put it – A rap battle, but slightly more nerdy. Nikki will be chiming in as well to keep us straight. Believe me, you’ll want to read her stuff. She’s as sharp as a tack!

My goal with this is simple. I want to be convinced. I want to understand how and why marketers plan on reaching customers via Pinterest and decide for myself if it’s worth my time. Other than that wonderful time I spend as a user – browsing with my wife for recipes and pictures of hot guys while lying in bed.

I’m there for the recipes. Honest.

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