Banksy is a blogger.

Okay. Admission time. This post is part justification. Justification that nullifies all future typos and grammar burps on this blog from this day forth. Their, that’s better. (see what I did there).

From this day forward – I will not be taking the time to edit/or typo check my blogs, so speed read at your own risk. Guaranteed typo speed bumps ahead. ‘Tis what it be!

I mentioned in an earlier post that tried blogging and it filled me with fear. The problem that caused this was that  I was doing something horrible – namely, comparing myself to other blogs and bloggers. That pretty much froze me in my tracks. How can I be a blogger? Who’d read my blog? I don’t even know what to blog about. I don’t have any answers. – stuff like that ran through my noggin before I published every post.

Then I found this and I was like – whoooah (I said this in what might possibly have been the finest K. Reeves impression ever. Seriously, you should’ve been there).

Do you know who Banksy is? Well, of course you don’t – nobody does really – he’s a freaking art ninja. But, do you know about Banksy’s art? Chances are you’ve seen it and if you’re truly fortunate, you’ve seen his work in the living world. It’s amazing photographed, but it’s stunning in person. Pure passion, a story telling master class crafted in enamel on brick.

So, why did seeing Banksy’s graffiti ease up the pressure of blogging? I was given a new perspective on visual communication. Something clicked – it was this:

For me, blogging is graffiti – not journalism.

That one concept freed me to focus on the expression of my blog, and not get bogged down on the quality of the writing or the importance of being an expert.

I don’t want to spend the time to do a 2nd,  3rd , 4th draft of my posts. 90% of my blogging time happens before I touch the keyboard. The concept, or thought, or message comes to me and I spend days, sometimes weeks thinking about how I want to present it. Then late at night, when normal people are sleeping, I dress in black clothes, tape my stencils to the wall, spray, then run like hell from the Po Po.

The blogs I love to read are passionate. They’re rough and honest and important. They are not about writing, or game development, or time management – they are about ideas. I don’t go to a blog to find answers, I go to a blog to start asking questions.

Journalism answers questions.

Graffiti asks questions.

So, how ‘bout you? Where do your favorite blogs fall in this scale from graffiti to journalism? Examples are ALWAYS appreciated.

Also, please check out the Banksy site for more of his wonderful art.