Failure sucks

Failure sucks.

I’ve been contemplating blogging again.

Yes again. I’ve tried before and it always ends in disappointment. I collapse under self imposed pressure.

I’ve failed before and I don’t handle it well. Don’t confuse failure with rejection or critique, those can be positive with proper perspective. Failure is not. Failure is apathy – fear – comparison – abandonment.

But this time is different. This time I’m giving myself a break. I’m not blogging to get noticed or to end up attracting some elusive publishing goal. I’m not blogging to reach out to future readers. I’m not blogging so you can comment and tell me I’m great.

I’m blogging because I need to. I’m blogging to improve my ability to collect my thoughts and opinions. I have good things to share and I like sharing. Sharing is fun.

I’m blogging because, in my mind – you’re not there. It’s just me, my cheap keyboard, a blank page, and a full mind.

So, I’ll tell a few stories. Share a bit about my experiences as a creative in the games industry. Give up a bit too much about working with business behemoths EA, Hasbro, Sony, and Nintendo. Spill my theories on creativity and craft and luck. I’ll probably stick my analog foot in my digital mouth from time to time. I’m okay with that, and If you’re not, well, then I guess we’ll be parting ways.

I’m finally okay with that too.