Dionne Warwick was right – and Elana Johnson is a genius!

Well, she was a psychic after all.

Sing it with me.

‘In good times, and bad times, I’ll be by your side for ever more.

That’s what friends are for.”

A few months ago a buddy of mine, Elana Johnson spoke with me about a super secret project. Now, having a secret some people is cool, but with Elana it’s like Festivas Every DAY!. She’s so much fun to work with and when she is happy with something, her playful personally drips from her fingertips. Nicest email EVER.

I’m going to leak out a few of the images I created for her SURRENDER Insider Information pamphlet today because, well, SURRENDER LAUNCHES TODAY! and I’m giving away some goodies along with a bunch of other wonderful friends.



so…if you want to win a free illustration of your Main Character, or if you have fallen in love with Vi (like I have) and would rather have a signed print of her (or any of the other character) – stay tuned for your chance to do just that!

Way to go Easy E! You’ve taught me so much about not giving up, the name of your book couldn’t be more on target.