These Words Are Not Mine

I am but a nail below the hammer of obiter dictum.   Drunk with the promise of the simple, Once again tempted to deny my id.   These words are not mine, though they… Continue reading

Kids notice neat things

So, the other day while doing an illustration workshop with my daughter’s 5th grade class, we talked about animals in picture books. It was a lively and interesting discussion and one very bright… Continue reading

Novel 7 – the pre-submission journal you’ve all been waiting for.

I thought I’d share some highlights of my writing journal for my latest novel. This one took me longer than expected, I tried a new process that I think will stick with me… Continue reading

The Darwin Elevator, by Jason M. Hough. The crave-worthy Sci-Fi fix you’ve been waiting for.

Okay. I don’t write book reviews. I’ve tried, but every time I do it ends up sound/reading like a book report, and I have deep-seated memories about turning in late assignments in Mr.… Continue reading

The Rogozovian Drafting Method

It’s more or less as fun as home dentistry. Hammering. Picking. Wincing, wailing and wanting to withdraw. Examining your mouth via the bathroom mirror, As you sit in the sink. Your white socks… Continue reading


I am doing this wrong.   Seeking advice. Finding peers. Adding influence.   I know this can only be mine.   The selfishness. The honesty. The Patience.   This is not a journey… Continue reading

To innovate, or not to innovate? That’s a question.

Well. I’m an innovator – it’s what I do in the games world. You’d think this is an easy question for me. But when indie publishing is the question behind the question, it’s… Continue reading

Why you no buy books? Part 1-Is it symptomatic of good intent gone wrong?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the drop in readers nationwide. Perhaps the drop in people purchasing books is a more accurate way to describe my concern – I think there are… Continue reading

Pinterest Battle – the final shot over the bow.

Alright, well this didn’t really go anywhere. Note to self; don’t start a blog battle the week between Write On Con wrapping up and school starting. Busy much? So I’ll recap and wrap… Continue reading

Welcome to the World’s Largest 24 Hour Flea Market! Pin Battle – Round 2

Why hello shopper, so wonderful to have you here. Have a look around. But first, take a handful of these. What are they you ask? Why, it’s simple really. These little doohickeys are… Continue reading